Household Tips

  • If purchasing a glass (ceran) top electric range, be sure the cookware you use has a flat bottom. If pans wobble, crown, or have a concave bottom the heat will not be distributed evenly and your cooking will not be precise.
  • General care of a ceran top range is made easy with the help of ceran top cleaner. When spills or cookovers occur, scrape the food off the glass, once it’s cooled, with the smooth razor blade that came with the range. Then, using the ceran top cleaner, apply several drops of the cleaner to the cooktop. Clean the affected area with a soft cloth until the food is removed. Then spread the cleaner over the entire cooktop and let it dry to a haze. Once dry, buff off the cleaner with a dry cloth. This cleaner will build a coat of wax and will protect the glass from future spills.
  • When running the self clean function of your oven, be sure to remove the racks and pans. The oven will reach 950 degrees and leaving items in the oven will ruin the finish on them. Also remember to open a window or run your fan hood above your range as some odor is caused by running the self clean. Refer to your owner’s manual for more information on self cleaning ovens.
  • When pre-heating an oven, it is recommended to wait 5 minutes after the preheat signal has gone off to use the oven. This allows for the internal temp and oven cavity to equalize.