Here’s what a few of our previous customers had to say…

Jason W.
Owner Tracy Jones is one of the best repairmen we have ever used. He diagnosed our refrigerator problem flawlessly. He also saved us another service call by diagnosing our dryer issue by replacing a belt in just 10 minutes. He is one of the most professional, courteous and knowledgeable repairmen we have ever used. And he’s a very nice guy. Very highly recommended.

Annette M Stone
Great, quick service! Very knowledgeable and pleasant. Had service done on this refrigerator on a different part years ago, and it is still working well. Only recommended what was needed.


Joe Jackson
Highly recommended! they asked questions to best prepare for the visit and showed up with the parts to fix our refrigerator. Tracy was informative and very professional!

Bill Hack
“Great service experience. They made sure they were equipped for the repair prior to coming out and with a good troubleshooting of my refrigerator, all is back and cooling great. Thanks Tracy for the great service!”

10-31-13 Mrs. Kiley:
“The owner of Direct Home Appliance Repair came out on two different occasions actually. The first was to replace the electronic function bar on our brand new dishwasher, and the second to respond to the dryer noise. He was excellent on both service calls, going above and beyond what I had previously experienced with any of the stores, salesmen, or manufacturing companies of the four appliances my husband and I recently purchased. We’ve been waiting for this opportunity to express our gratitude and provide feedback about our experience! I will call on Direct Home Appliance Repair for any necessary work on my appliances!”

9-26-13 Catherine:
“We called because we were having problems with our refrigerator. We were called back promptly by a friendly Joni.
We explained the problem and she set us up for service the next day. We got a call right away in the morning from Joe who was super friendly and professional. As it turns out, we cancelled the service because the problem seemed to fix itself. Joe was totally fine with that. The next problem that we have, we will definitely call them.”

9-10-13 Mary:
“Diagnosed a problem with our dishwasher and fixed a previously unknown problem with our new refrigerator.
Member Comments: We cannot say enough about the excellent service we received from this company. We called Direct Home Appliance repair on Monday afternoon to have someone look at our dishwasher, which had been making a strange, loud noise. The woman who answered the phone said that Tracy would call us between 8:15 and 8:30 the following morning to give us a 2-hour window of when he could be here. A message on our answering machine the next morning from Tracy said he would be at our house between 8:50 and 9:20 that day. He arrived at 8:50. It took him only a couple of minutes to determine that there were several things wrong with our 12 year old dishwasher and that it would be over $500 to repair, so not worth it.
He then glanced at our refrigerator that had been delivered four days before and said he could see it was not level. Meanwhile, my husband, who had come up from the basement after turning off power to the dishwasher, said the fridge was leaking (water coming through the floor into the basement). Tracy pulled the fridge out and quickly found the problem. The people who installed it had re-used our old fridge’s part that connects the water line to the fridge instead of replacing it with the new one that should have been in the installation kit, causing the leak. He then quickly replaced the old part with a new one. He then leveled the fridge, showing us that the installers apparently had tried to level one side without using any lubricant, which is necessary in the case of such a heavy appliance, had basically ruined the foot doing so, and (probably worried about damaging our wood floor), stopped without leveling the refrigerator, so it tilted outward into the kitchen. After he did all of this, he explained that he’d send in a warranty claim to Kitchenaid for us and, somewhat apologetically, said he’d have to charge us $2 for the part! To fix a problem we hadn’t even known we had!
Tracy went above and beyond and we’re so grateful that he noticed the problem with the fridge, since it saved us a separate service call and damage to our floor. He was also very prompt and very professional. We would highly recommend Direct Home Appliance Repair to anyone! Thanks, Tracy!”

8-22-13 Stuart:
“Tracy Jones was on time to the minute, diagnosed the problem immediately and completed the repair quickly. He also gave us advice on how to avoid this problem in the future.
In addition we asked for his thoughts on our refrigerator which he gave us without hesitation, and that information will be very helpful to later.”

1-8-13 Scott:
“They showed up the same day I called. He did a great job and was in and out in 15 minutes. Tracy was just outstanding.”

10-25-12 Paul:
“A rabbit had crawled all the way up our dryer vent into the body of the dryer. It had wedged itself into the fan housing an had died there. The smell in the dryer and laundry room was overwhelming. The dryer had to be dis assembled to remove the dead rabbit.
Member Comments: I had a hard time finding a service to remove the rabbit and check and repair the dryer until I contacted Direct Home appliance.
Direct Home Appliance scheduled service for the next morning, Their technician showed up on time, took apart the dryer, removed the dead rabbit, thoroughly cleaned and inspected the machine and had it back up and running odor free in about 1 hour. This was great work done under very adverse conditions! Tracy the technician was very personable, knowledgeable and efficient. Before leaving he provided useful information about the operation of the dryer and referred me to the Direct Home Appliance web site for additional tech tips.
Direct Home Appliance provided excellent service at a very reasonable cost. They’re an A+ in home appliance repair”

2-21-12 James:
“There was a noise coming from our dryer when the drum turned. Could not see anything obvious so called Direct Home Appliance Repair. Tracy came to our apartment that day. Much to my chagrin, he almost immediately found a penny stuck in the edge of the drum. As I was paying for a service call Tracy asked if there was anything else he could do. I had a question about the operation of our refrigerator when we are away for long periods of time and he made an adjustment in a drain that would decrease the probability of a blockage.
Member Comments: Tracy was here for a short time but provided extra services during the service call.”

7-22-11 David:
“Our new dryer suddenly wouldn’t turn on, so we called several appliance repair places. Direct Home Appliance Repair had an available time the next day, so we chose them. Tracy, the lead technician, came over from Direct Home Appliance Repair to check out the dryer. He discovered it had a defective console and ordered a replacement. Two days later he returned to install the new part. While he was here, we asked him to check out the washing machine because it rattled during the final spin. He quickly saw that the installers had not assembled the top of the machine correctly and made the necessary changes to stop the rattling. Tracy was punctual, polite and a pleasure to work with. He cheerfully fixed the problem we initially called about and was glad to look at the washer, even though we hadn’t called about it. I highly recommend Direct Home Appliance Repair.”

8-5-17 Joe J.:
“Highly recommended! they asked questions to best prepare for the visit and showed up with the parts to fix our refrigerator. Tracy was informative and very professional!”

12-1-16 Bill H.:
“Great service experience. They made sure they were equipped for the repair prior to coming out and with a good troubleshooting of my refrigerator, all is back and cooling great. Thanks Tracy for the great service!”