Dehumidifier and Garbage Disposal Tips

To prevent a dehumidifier from icing up, it is recommended to place the unit on a rug, or elevate it off the floor.  Having the unit on a cold floor can cause colder air temperatures to resonate through the unit and cause the coils to ice up.

Room temperatures less than 60 degrees and with less than 50% humidity levels can cause dehumidifiers to freeze up also. If this happens, unplug the unit for 30 minutes. This will allow the coils to thaw out.


To keep your garbage disposal blades sharp and in shape, simply put a handful of icecubes through the disposal once a week.  To eliminate unpleasant odors, run lemon peels through the disposal once a week.

If your disposal locks up and is making a humming noise:  first, try the reset button located near the bottom of the unit.  If that doesn’t fix the problem, attempt to turn the break away nut with the 5/16ths allen wrench that came with the dispoal.  By turning the nut, the blades should free up.

**Always unplug or shut off power to the garbage disposal before attempting to dislodge the blades.**