Household Tips

  • If your dryer takes too long to dry, check the dryer vent. Venting can become plugged if not checked periodically. Plugged vents can cause fire hazards and/or provide homes for birds and small animals to nest in. Vent cleaning can be done yourself if you have the right equipment to reach the entire venting area or a professional vent cleaner provides this service.
  • High Efficiency washers spin out clothes faster, thus reducing the drying time needed. By selecting lower drying temperatures you can reduce fabric piling and general wear on your clothes.
  • Dryer drums can become stained from fabric dyes. A mixture of soft scrub and rubbing alcohol can reduce these stains.
  • When using fabric softener sheets, never use more than one per load. Overuse of dryer sheets can cause a buildup of residue that can clog lint filters. Static balls are an alternative to dryer sheets if static control is the primary reason for using dryer sheets.