Household Tips

  • Liquid detergents contain animal bi-products and vegetable oil basked ingredients. We do not recommend using this due to build-up in your washer. If this is your choice of detergent, always wash in warm-hot water so the detergent cannot solidify in your washer.
    **When possible, wash in warm-hot water to ensure dissolution of detergent.

  • Powder detergent is the best choice for wash machines. If you have a white, chalky residue after using it, simply reduce the amount of powder detergent being used.
  • Liquid fabric softener is not recommended, unless it is diluted with water. It is mainly made up of paraffin wax, thus casuing allergic reactions in some individuals. It also tends to build up in your washer and turn black. It could eventually break off the agitator of your washer and cause stains to your clothes
  • White vinegar is recommended to be used in place of fabric softener. Fill the fabric softener dispenser to the fill line with vinegar and proceed with the wash load. Vinegar is an odor neutralizer, therefore your clothes will not smell of vinegar. Vinegar also helps set color thus preventing color bleeding and will keep your washer free of residue.
  • To clean your washer of any residue, we recommend using Affresh (available in our stores). This product will refresh your washer leaving it clean and residue free.
  • High Efficiency (HE) detergents are recommended to consumers with High Efficiency washers. These detergents control oversudsing. If HE detergent is not available simply reduce the amount of regular detergent used by 75% when using an HE machine.
  • In addition to sorting clothes by color, keep the cloth weights similar as well. A wash load with similar weighted garments will wash and spin out more evenly than an unbalanced load. Unbalanced loads can cause delays in cycle time, poor spin-out, or no spin-out at all.
  • Always ensure the machine is stable and level. Machines perform best when placed on the floor, not risers. If skidding becomes an issue due to slippery floor conditions, non-slip discs are available to place under the washer legs.
  • Top-load machines with self leveling rear legs may not perform well on floating floors. It is recommended to have these machines installed on firm flooring.
  • Floor poles (jacks) can be added to the underside trusses of floors for additional support.
  • If leaving on vacation, remember to shut off the water to your washer in case of a hose leak occurring while you are gone.

**Fabric Softener Tips- Unlike older units, the new front load washers have a “Spray Shower” rinse instead of “Tub Fill” rinse.  To improve the rinse quality, you may have to select the fabric softener option.  However, we do recommend NOT using liquid fabric softener, and adding white distilled vinegar instead.  It will really make a difference in the overall maintenance of your washer and help your laundry rinse the detergents out better.  *

*See tips about vinegar use above.*